About the Artist


Artist Statement

Born in Chicago, Nancy Oroni Dini describes herself as an Abstract Colorist, drawn to the free expression and nonrestrictive rules of Abstract Art. As a child, Nancy was always involved in art classes and encompassed this passion as a major focus in high school. Furthering her interest in art, Nancy attended the Art Institute of Chicago. She then married and changed her focus on raising a family. Recognizing the importance of education, she returned to school and received an M.S. in Clinical Psychology and didn’t return to painting until she retired in 2005. Nancy believes that her Psychology background has helped her add a new depth to her paintings.

After retiring to Arizona, Nancy had the opportunity to attend art workshops and classes where she was introduced to Abstract Art. “I love the freedom to interpret and create my art with no restriction of an image. I express myself with the use color, line, shape, and texture to provoke and express emotion in my paintings.”

Nancy currently resides in Lake Bluff, Illinois with her husband Alberto. She gains her inspiration from their trips to Scottsdale, Italy, and Florida.